MIM Solutions is the first spin-off of the Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Mechanics of the University of Warsaw specializing in artificial intelligence solutions using machine learning.

About us

MIM Solutions was founded in 2015 by one of the most talented Polish computer scientists, NCN Scientist of the Year 2018 and winner of the Crystal Brussels 2018, prof. Piotr Sankowski and dr. Piotr Wygocki.

The main reason for creating MIM Solutions was the desire to transform the existing scientific excellence and knowledge about heuristic algorithms into practically used solutions. This assumption has been successfully verified in cooperation with many companies, for which we have created our own predictive and recommendation systems.

MIM Solutions conducts ambitious research and development projects that aim at providing completely new quality and innovative solutions.

In particular, we have focused on the development of MedFemTech. Currently, we work on EMBRYOAID and FOLLISCAN projects.

Currently, MIM Solutions has the most experienced team of AI and ML specialists in Poland able to support any organisation in the use of artificial intelligence.



Everyone deserves a chance to become a parent.


We want to provide each embryologist with a new and powerful AI tool in order to enable him/her to make consistent embryo evaluation decisions. 

We believe that thanks to the EMBRYOAID system, the choice of the most promising embryo will be, above all, more accurate, as well as simpler, faster and more objective.


AI solutions should create a new quality of health services, allowing to increase the effectiveness of patient care.

AI solutions should respect the central role of the medical professional in patient care and inspire confidence in the patient.

The development of AI solutions will allow for further improvement of AI technology and enable the effective use of data generated by the health care system.

AI solutions should ensure the safety of their users and medical professionals, including the safety of therapy.

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